groom beach wedding attire ideas and tips

Well let’s just start off by saying, brides traditionally take the <wedding> cake over the groom when it comes to being styled on the big day. You can learn more about tips on choosing a beach wedding dress here. But let’s focus on who the bride is walking down the aisle to meet and what he’s looking like at a beach wedding. 

5 Tips for Choosing What the Groom Should Wear to a Beach Wedding:

  1. Don’t sweat it. Heat-this is the most important aspect to consider for handsome grooms. Light, airy fabrics are a must for 10 out of the 12 months of the year here in sunny Clearwater Beach. It’s normal to get sweaty palms along with a few nerves before exchanging “I do’s.” But unless the future husband is preparing for a wrestling weigh in by sweating out those last few pounds, ditch the idea of a three piece suit. 
  2. Filter your search engine. I know it’s tempting to type “beach wedding attire” and gawk over images of beautiful couples dawning perfectly trending ensembles. However, don’t get caught up in cleverly posed couples and forget the reality of what it’s like to be on the beach. Keep your style personal to you, while maintaining the simplicity and beauty of a beach wedding. White button down shirts/polos paired with khaki/black/grey shorts or pants is a timeless look for a beach groom. 
    beach wedding groom
  3. Sunny days- Discuss ahead of time whether or not sunglasses are a go. Consider setting the shades to the side for the ceremony and following photos. And don’t forget the sunscreen!
  4.  Toes in the sand- Just like with the shirt and pants, remember your environment. Barefeet, flip flops, or boat shoes are ideal. Fancy dress shoes can sink in the sand and fill up with sand just as fast! 
  5. Special touches- Boutonnieres can add a touch of elegance and charm to a classic beach look. Consider not only flowers, but you can also explore seashell or starfish boutonnieres to add a unique touch. Wanting to make the groom stand out? Consider adding a linen vest to his look.

The key to a well groomed groom (pardon the pun) is deciding on your color, choosing a lightweight fabric, and knowing less is more. The beach environment provides a naturally beautiful atmosphere for your wedding and memorable photographs so don’t get too caught up overdressing. Choosing what the groom should wear to a beach wedding should be simple by sticking to the 5 key tips!