The flowy gown for this bride makes for the perfect beach wedding dress attire.


Whether you want to feel like a Mermaid Princess or walk the aisle in a simply chic dress, here are 5 important tips for choosing a beach wedding dress:

5 Tips for Choosing a Beach Wedding Dress:

  1. Choose your fabric wisely. What feels and looks amazing in the air conditioned dress boutique may have you sweating and feeling 50 pounds heavier on the sunny, sandy beach. Opt for breathable fabrics. And if you prefer an intricate design, look for lace overlays in place of beading which can weigh the dress down.

  2. Now you see me, now you don’t. When it comes to undergarments on your wedding day, you want the “now you don’t.” The outdoor sun and wind can reveal to your guests what only your future husband should get to see. Make sure your light, flowing dress is not too thin or short to prevent a wardrobe disaster.

  3. Accessories- Again, just remember you’re on the beach when choosing a beach wedding dress. A long veil may end up blowing and tangling up like a bad fish net. Consider headbands, clips, wraps, or a birdcage veil instead. And the same advice for your dress is true for your jewelry. Stick with your preferred style, but opt for lighter pieces that won’t be heavy and sweaty on your skin.

  4. Shoes- a beach wedding is not the place to show of your new Jimmy Choos. Barefoot sandals are a perfect alternative to traditional wedding shoes. Flip flops will leave you flicking up sand and any heel will just leave you wobbly and stuck. It is a good idea to have a pair of flips flops for the walk to and from the beach.
  5.  SPF- Lather up before walking down the aisle. Check your make up to see if it contains SPF. You could also look for a moisturizer with SPF.