Sunset Beach Wedding

Sunset Beach is something out of a Jimmy Buffet song. At Sunset Beach you will find many uniquely colored houses, tropical tiki huts, beach bars and a Bohemian lifestyle. Take advantage of this festive lifestyle and plan a tropical Sunset Beach Wedding Ceremony in Florida. Choose vibrant colors, accented with starfish to really make that natural beauty pop.

Sunset Beach is also one of the most popular beaches with the LGBT community. Your Clearwater Beach Wedding Company is happy to provide legal, same sex marriages on Sunset Beach and any other beach along the coasts of Florida. Take part of the culture on Sunset Beach and enjoy a colorful beach wedding on Sunset Beach in Florida. Let’s dive deeper into several of the many benefits of hosting a Sunset Beach wedding:

  • A Casual Vibe: If fancy dresses, tuxedos, and filet mignon are not your thing, you can’t go wrong with a Sunset Beach wedding. A wedding on St. Pete beach is a great option if you’re searching for something more casual and love the idea of a comfortable dress, khaki pants, and bare feet in the sand. The ocean and beach will easily entertain all your guests so you don’t have to worry about spoiling them with the fancy elements that are often necessary at a local wedding venue such as a hotel, party center, or country club.
  • A Romantic Environment: Beach weddings are known for the romantic environment they offer couples and guests. The scenery of a Florida beach creates the perfect environment to express your unconditional love and devotion to your spouse to be.
  • No Passport Needed: St. Pete Beach allows you and your guests to enjoy a Caribbean style wedding without the need for a passport. Once you and your guests step foot onto the stunning beach, you’ll forget you’re in the United States.
  • Incredible Photo Opportunities: Once your wedding day is over, you’ll have your photos to help you relieve it. Upham beach is a naturally stunning location that serves as the ideal background for wedding photos. An experienced photographer will take advantage of this environment and ensure that your wedding photos capture its beauty.
  • Endless Entertainment: Since a wedding at the Sunset Beach Pavilion offers endless entertainment options, you won’t have to worry about keeping your guests happy and entertained. A beach resort has no shortage of activities and is sure to put a smile on their faces.
  • Minimal Stress: Beach weddings are far less stressful to plan than traditional weddings, especially when you hire Your Clearwater Beach Wedding company. All you have to do is make your guest list, tell us which package you’d like, and sit back and relax. Let us handle the planning and logistics while you enjoy your time being engaged.
  • Money Savings: A Sunset Beach wedding is more affordable than a wedding at a local venue. In addition to inviting less people if you choose to and saving money that way, you can turn your wedding destination into a honeymoon spot and save even more.

Your Clearwater Beach Wedding Company offers a wide variety of wedding packages to bring particular vision to life. Once you choose your package, we handle the planning, set-up, break down and everything in between.

All of our packages come with no hidden fees and service charges and include phone and email consultations, an officiant who will perform and coordinate your ceremony, unique ceremony decor, a photographer, and the legal filing of your Florida marriage license. Here are the packages you can choose from:

  • Simply Clearwater: If you and your significant other would like to escape reality and elope, the Simply Clearwater package is right for you. It is only available for small groups with less than eight people including the bride and groom.
  • Clearwater Nautical Knot: The Clearwater Nautical Knot is for weddings with two to 35 people. With this package, you can select the colors of bamboo poles and a bamboo arch topper such as a stand of starfish, tropical flowers, or white lilies. You can also choose a decorated aisle-way with tiki torches or bamboo poles.
  • Gulf Beach Destiny: If you’d like a larger wedding with an elegant look and feel, the Gulf Beach Destiny is a great choice.
  • Clearwater Distinctive Design Packages: Each Clearwater Distinctive Design Package includes so much more than an officiant and photographer. If you opt for one of these packages you can enjoy deluxe white resin chairs, a large chalkboard announcing your wedding, just married t-shirts, and a lemonade and water station for your guests to enjoy.

Although all of our Sunset Beach wedding packages are incredibly affordable, we offer flash sales to make hosting a dream beach wedding even more budget friendly. If you’re not set on a certain date and flexible with your travel plans, consider hosting a beautiful and affordable wedding on St. Pete Beach during one of our select sale dates.

It’s important to note that even if you don’t live near St. Pete’s beach, you can plan your wedding with us without any hassle. We will communicate with you via phone and/or email and answer any questions or concerns you have throughout the entire process. If you’d like, we can even send you pictures of the decor we plan to use.

Once you arrive to Florida a few days before your wedding, we’ll be happy to show you the site of your ceremony and provide you with recommendations on fun things to do in the area before and after your wedding.

What are you waiting for? To start planning a one-of-a-kind Sunset Beach wedding, explore our wedding packages in detail and contact us once you find one that meets your unique needs and preferences. We look forward to turning your dream of a beach wedding into a reality you and your guests will never forget. Save