Congratulations on your marriage! No more pre-wedding jitters. No more calorie-monitoring to fit into that “just right” wedding dress. So now what? Well, while your newly wedded life gets rolling, there are a few to-do’s after you’ve “I-do’d” (is that word?). 😉 Some of these items often go unchecked and can be more of a hassle down the road. So here goes, the ultimate post wedding to do list.

Attention Newlyweds: Post Wedding To Do List  

  • Thank You: A lot goes into planning a wedding, as you’ve seen. So be sure to give thanks where it’s due. Check out these fun beach themed thank you notes. Here’s a list of potential thank you note recipients:
    • Guests- thank you for gifts, appreciation for travel (if destination wedding), attendance at wedding
    • Parents/Children
    • Bridal Party
    • Officiant
    • Wedding Planner
    • Florist
    • Photographer
    • Hair/Make Up 


post wedding check list


  • Name Change: You know how all of January you’re still writing the previous year when you write the date? Get ready for lots of backspacing, erasing, and crossing out when it comes to writing your new last name. It takes some getting used to! But first you’ll have to make it official. Don’t try to do any name changing before receiving your marriage license (which we’ll refer to as M.L) in the mail (usually 2-3 weeks). Upon receiving M.L., here’s the list of things you’ll need to update with your new name. Oh, and be sure to bring you M.L. and photo ID to all these places! 
    • Social Security Card from your local Social Security Office  
    • Driver’s License from DMV. Bring S.S. card
    • Work- Send an email or call H.R. to get your name changed
    • Bank- Plan a visit to change name on accounts, debit/credit cards. You and hubby may also join accounts at this time.
    • Email- If you’re email is something like “” and you’re now “Jane Johnson,” an easy solution is to make a new email and simply have your old account forwarded without the hassle of managing multiple accounts.


post wedding to do list

  • Money: It’s all about the “Benjamins.” But for real, if you haven’t already discussed financial goals and plans, now is the time. Finances is one of the leading conflicts in marriages so nip it in the bud(get). Streamline accounts and discuss income, bills, savings, goals, etc. 


post wedding to do list


  • Life: Whatever your situation was before, getting married is a great start and chance to establish healthy routines. Create habits and rhythms that bring joy, peace, and fun to your new married life! And remember like Grandma says, “Marriage takes work, but it’s worth it!” 



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