Gearing up for your destination wedding? Trying to stick to your budget? Follow these money saving travel tips for a stress free, money saving, trip!

Money Saving Travel Tips for Your Destination Wedding:

money saving tips for your beach wedding

1, By land, air, or sea: Choosing your mode of transportation is a good starting point. And depending on your starting and ending point, your most affordable option can vary.

money saving travel tips for destination wedding

  1. Land: Calculate gas/mileage for a road trip and travel time. 

  2. Air: Check travel sites like Orbitz or Travelocity to see flight costs. Don’t forget to consider additional fees like baggage, seat selection, cost to park at the airport. Sometimes choosing a slightly higher “upfront” ticket can be cheaper in the long run by including free bags or seat assignment. Also check out Trip Advisor’s handy tool for choosing which airport is the right fit and some Florida Flight Stats.  

  3. Sea: Surprise! Sometimes this can actually be a very practical way to travel if you’re near a port city. With Florida hosting cruise ships up and down both coasts, there are various options here. Check out this list of American cruise ports and see if this may be an option for you. This is also a great idea for an elopement as it serves as a stress free honeymoon/vacation built in to your wedding celebration! Check out our post on Cruise vs. Beach Weddings here!   

2. Time of Year:  So spring break is a hot season for travelers to Florida and hotel prices often reflect those demands. You can often get late August/September discounts as long as you can handle the heat. Otherwise, fall is a great time to plan a beach wedding. Less heat, less travelers, and traditioanlly cheaper rates. Also, avoid price hikes during holiday weekends. If you are a northerner looking to take a break from the brutal winter, Florida’s mild winter weather may be the perfect reason to ditch the snow shovel and get some Florida sunshine.

3. Weekday Wedding: Although this is often a burden for wedding guests due to work conflicts, consider a weekday wedding for an elopement or vow renewal. Save a few bucks, have a less busy beach, and turn off the alarm for a few days! 

So now that you have an idea of money saving travel tips for you destination wedding, are you ready to book the beach wedding of your dreams?

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