beach wedding in Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater Beach, Florida Wedding

You have always dreamed about a beach wedding in Florida.  But, is it just a far off dream, or can you make it a reality?  Absolutely this dream can come true.  You must first ask these questions of yourself:

  1.  Is this something that can really be done?  Can we afford it (of course you can, beach weddings are very affordable!)
  2. Will family and friends be able to attend?  (of course, they can, who wouldn’t want to come to Florida for a beach wedding?)
  3. Check with the family that are must-haves to attend.  Give them so optional dates, so they can try and make it work within your selected dates.  As long as the most important people on your list are clear to come, you have the biggest hurdle covered!
  4. Start planning for your vacation time at work, and it goes without saying, your groom must be on board, too.  You may have been dreaming of a beach wedding, but what are his thoughts?  (Of course he is on board with it — he can be barefoot and on the sand for his wedding!  And, for the day before his wedding he can be golfing, fishing, or water sports — he may be more excited than anyone!).
  5. Hire a great beach wedding company who you can trust, to insure that all aspects of your beach wedding are covered.  (And, of course, that means hiring Your Clearwater Beach Wedding Company!).

Seriously, a Florida beach wedding is one of the greatest things you can do to make your wedding the most memorable for the rest of your lives.  Just think how many return trips you can make to the beautiful place where you got married to relive those special moments?

See you on the Beach!