How fun are those games they put in the back of magazines or the mind games section of the newspaper? You know, the classic “Find the Differences.” Well, Find the Difference- Wedding Edition is right here! I challenge you with this Florida Winter Beach Wedding game.

Find 5 Differences Between a Northern Wedding and a Florida Beach Wedding:



florida winter wedding                                           florida winter beach wedding

Ok, ok. So there are a few more than 5 differences. 😉 But the point is, you can come to Florida any time of year, Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, and have a  beautiful beach wedding. Sink your toes in sand, watch the ocean waves and sunrise/set, and leave your winter coat, gloves, boots, and ear muffs behind. Florida’s mild winter temps will have engaged couples ditching the snowsuits for swimsuits any time of year. 

So although Your Clearwater Beach Weddings had nothing to do with the couple in the left photo (brrrrr). The stunning, smiling couple on the right said “I do” right here in sunny Clearwater, Florida with Your Clearwater Beach Weddings. And yes, it was winter. February 10th to be exact. Alyson and Scott (from Wisconsin) planned their Florida Winter Beach Wedding with Your Clearwater Beach Weddings and it was a gorgeous day all around. Beautiful couple, brilliant sunset, 84 degree weather (it was 10 degrees in the couple’s hometown that same day). It was the ideal combination for a destination beach wedding. 

Maybe you’re on the fence if a destination winter wedding is for you. But I think this next comparison will help you with your decision. Would you rather be shoveling snow or walking down a white sandy aisle one your wedding day? And hey, if you really miss the shoveling we can find a beach pail and shovel. And you can shovel sandcastles until your heart’s content. 😉

      florida winter beach wedding

Ready to make like a snowbird and fly south for your winter beach wedding? Click HERE to book your Clearwater Beach Wedding today!