Florida Beach Wedding Welcome Bags for your guests to enjoy at your beach wedding with water, sunscreen, and snacks.


So it’s the weekend of your wedding and your guests are arriving. Whether your guests have traveled by train, plane, or automobile, make the Florida beach wedding welcome bags a sincere gift to be received. Here are some helpful hints for creating your Florida beach wedding welcome bags. 

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Florida Beach Wedding Welcome Bags:

  1. Paper or plastic? Choose a simple bag big enough to hold all your guest’s goodies. A simple brown or white bag is perfect. Jazz it up with a little ribbon or bow with your wedding color. If you’re really feeling fancy, here are some personalized bags that could double as wedding favors. 
  2. A quick bite- Post road trip stomach growl or day after munchies, your guests will appreciate a little something to snack on. A mix of salty and sweet is the perfect pair. Bottled water is also a staple for beach wedding welcome bags. And speaking of drinking, how perfect is this “Beach House” wine to toast to a blissfully wedded weekend?
  3. So many things, so little time. Your guests will likely have some free time before/after the wedding, so help them make the most of their trip. Here’s a link to the Clearwater Beach Visitor Guide where guests can find endless fun and adventures on the #1 Beach in the U.S. And since visiting the beach/pool/outdoors is likely on the list, a travel sunscreen is a helpful addition to beach wedding welcome bags. 
  4. Late or lost guests? No good. Providing a clear itinerary is crucial for avoiding last minute mix ups. Don’t wait until the night before or day of to explain logistics. Download a template  or prepare ahead of time an organized mass text with addresses and times. This way no one is confused about events and timing.
  5. Beach fun. We’ve covered the necessities, now it’s time for a little something fun. Adding a little treat like these beach wedding sunglasses or personalized playing cards is a great way to liven up beach wedding welcome bags.

Your guests have traveled far to share your special day with you. Florida Beach Wedding Welcome Bags may seem like a small detail, but it will be sure to make your guests feel welcome and get them in the mood to celebrate and enjoy your beach wedding!