Distinctive Design Beach Wedding Packages


Welcome to our Distinctive Design beach wedding packages!  Each of the following beach wedding packages includes the customary officiant and photographer, but they also include so much more:  Deluxe white resin chairs, just married hats,  large chalkboard announcing your wedding, and lemonade and water station for your guests’ enjoyment.  We have several of these designer beach wedding packages available for you to choose from.  Check out each of these beach wedding packages below, make your selection, reserve your date, and let’s get planning!

A natural and elegant Clearwater Florida Beach Wedding setup with ivory draping and a branch floral bamboo topper.

Natural Distinctive Design Package

Large, dark bamboo with elegant draping and a natural branch and floral topper. Complete with a matching bamboo pole aisle-way connected by flowing material. This natural Distinctive Design Package is one of our favorites and is sure to make a statement at your wedding. Click for more details.

Clearwater Florida Beach Weddings are the best place to bring out the starfish. This wedding is complete with starfish drapery, bamboo canopy and a starfish aisle-way.

Starfish Distinctive Design Package 

Large bamboo canopy with draped material and a beautiful starfish backdrop. Aisle- way is complete with bamboo poles and starfish accents to really make the background pop. Click here for more details on the package. 

A clearwater Florida beach Wedding ceremony with teal and white accents in floral designs.

Teal Distinctive Design

A large bamboo canopy with white or ivory and teal material and a large white and teal floral topper. The aisle way is complete with matching blue and white floral tiki torches and a large teal and white floral arrangements at the beginning of the aisle way. Click to read more about this package. 


Tropical beach wedding packages in Clearwater Florida complete with conch shells, starfish and palm fronds.

Tropical Distinctive Design Package

Large natural bamboo canopy with elegantly draped material and a palm frond and tropical flower canopy topper. The aisle-way is complete with palm fronds, large starfish, conch shells, tropical floral designs and two tiki torches. Get the island feel on the beaches in Clearwater. Click for more information.

Coral and white beach wedding ceremony setup in Clearwater Florida Beach Wedding

Coral Distinctive Design Package

Coral draped material on a large post canopy with a large coral floral topper. Matching bamboo poles with draped material and coral floral designs make up aisle-way that will be unforgettable. Click Here to find out more information on this beach wedding package.

Beach Bliss Distinctive Design Package

This package is complete with a four post bamboo canopy, bamboo aisle-way with hanging starfish lanterns and natural rope, deluxe chairs and much more. Click Here for more information.

Floral Distinctive Design Package

Large natural bamboo canopy with asymmetrical floral canopy topper, elegant draping, natural greenery aisle-way, deluxe white chairs and more. Pick a modern and timeless beach wedding package for your destination Florida wedding.   Click for more information.

Anchors Away Distinctive Design Package

Black bamboo canopy with matching black aisle-way, white rope, starfish and anchors. This package has everything you need to make your Florida Beach Wedding a success.   Click for more information.