Why Cruise Weddings are not as great as beach weddings and cruise honeymoons. Enjoy the beautiful natural beach setup with canopy and chairs for your guests and relax before your honeymoon.

By land or by sea? With Clearwater Beach Weddings you can have it all!

So you’ve already decided you want to get married by the water, be it by boat or beach. Now it’s decision time. Cruises can be fun and relaxing and they sell you that everything is all in one place. Sounds to me like a perfect….. honeymoon. Cruise boat weddings can be stressful, expensive, and complicated. So get the best of both worlds with a beach wedding and then it’s “All aboard the S.S. Honeymoon!”

Why beach weddings are a better choice than cruise weddings:

  1. Expenses: It’s good to set a clear budget before any planning starts. Your Clearwater Beach Wedding has affordable and upfront prices with no hidden charges and fees. Set up/break down, wedding coordinating services, officiant, photographer, unity sand, and legal filing of your Florida marriage license is all included at a budget-friendly price. Cruise wedding packages can average around  $4,000-$8,000. And that starting price comes with a whole list of fine print, exclusions, and additional charges. Oh, and it definitely doesn’t include the cost of the cruise/stateroom itself. 
  2. Time constraints: Pre-departure cruise weddings can be stressful. If guests are not cruising, the ceremony and time may feel very rushed. Guests are provided specific boarding and exciting times and special accommodations will not be provided for non-cruising or late guests. 
  3. Don’t rock the boat: Considering getting married mid-cruise? Those pre-wedding jitters don’t mix well with rough seas. A seasick bride, groom, or guests could make for a rocky wedding day. With a beach wedding, seas could be 10-15 feet all while you can enjoy them from the flat sand. 
  4. Make it official: Many cruise wedding packages are not actual legal ceremonies. Don’t be tricked by “keepsake wedding certificate.”  That does not pass for a legal marriage. Furthermore, foreign ports can also be tricky when it comes to legalizing marriages. Your Clearwater Beach Weddings provides all the information you need to legally by Mr. and Mrs. _____________(fill in the blank)!
  5. Plan ahead: Cruise ports, itineraries, and conditions can change, leaving you scrambling last minute. However, you can book your wedding with Your Clearwater Beach Weddings way ahead of time without thinking twice. 

You and your guests can set sail from the Port of Tampa after your Clearwater Beach Wedding. Therefore, beach weddings are the way to go. Say “Bon Voyage” too pricey, regulation-heavy cruise weddings and head over to Clearwater Beach Weddings!