Why choose a Clearwater beach wedding package, look how happy these brides are on their wedding day.


Why Clearwater Beach Wedding Package over Hiring Independent Vendors/D.I.Y.?

Think of a Clearwater beach wedding package like choosing a new home. You could spend months, even years, finding land, hiring builders, contractors, painters, plumbers, electricians. The list goes on. Consequently, you’re left waiting on workers. You’re spending more money than originally anticipated. You’re pouring blood, sweat and tears into building. Or, you could choose a move-in ready model home. Buy the house and simply add all of your own personal touches. Liking the sounds of a move-in ready model home? Clearwater Beach Wedding Packages are your move in ready beach weddings. We’ve done all of the hard work, hours of phone calls, emails, and researching for you. Therefore, you get the fun part-color selection, unique decor choices, and a ceremony that suites you and your future spouse perfectly!

Still not sure? Read more about why choosing a Clearwater beach wedding package is preferred:

  1. Location, location location: Clearwater Beach Weddings has been in business for over 10 years. So we know parking and permits. We’ve found the sunset views. We’ve set up beach weddings for groups large and small. We KNOW beach weddings. Hiring unexperienced planners is a recipe for last minute disaster. 
  2. Personalize: Although the packages are clearly defined, you still have the opportunity to make your wedding unique. You choose the canopy and chair color, walkway decor, canopy topper, sand ceremony, and vow selection. Try surfing Pinterest and you’ll be floundering amoungst thousands of choices and “seemingly simple” DIY projects. So that $10 project turns into a disaster, time killer, and then you’re back to where you started. Furthermore, our skilled planners have perfected the beach look and have the perfect amount of variety for you to choose from without being overwhelmed.
  3. Cha-Ching: Clearwater Beach Weddings prices are affordable and up front. It’s a one stop shop and no unforeseen costs. Consequently, our packages are designed to cut out travel, set up, and rental fees saving you money. 
  4. Time: Here’s a list of all the people you WON’T have to contact: officiant, photographer, set up crew, linen rental company, county beach permit department, chair rental company. Now here’s a list of the ONE contact you’ll need for ALL of that: Clearwater Beach Weddings.  Pretty easy right? As a result, spend your extra time and money booking a honeymoon. Or go on a date to talk about the excitement of your upcoming stress free and affordable beach wedding!

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