Beach makeup tips and tricks for the bride and guests.


“Sun-kissed, glowing, blushing bride, natural beauty”… aren’t those all things you want to embody on your beach wedding day? Of course! Beach wedding make up shouldn’t be overwhelming. Here are 5 tips for achieving the perfect beach wedding make up look.

5 Tips for Beach Wedding Make Up:

  1. Dry not wet. Liquid based make ups often melt and appear blotchy. Opt for powder foundations for better and longer last coverage.
  2. SPF- be on the look out for a moisturizer or foundation that contains SPF. There’s only one lobster that should be at your reception or honeymoon and it should be on your plate, not your skin!
  3. Waterproof! This is an easy one.There are a variety of waterproof eyeliners and mascaras to keep your make up ON and not UNDER your eyes! There are also many waterproof lipsticks/glosses. These waterproof items will keep your make up right where it should be through tears, sweat, and kisses!
  4. Fake it! If you have fair skin or just want to get an extra glow, look into a spray tan a few days before your big day. You should do a test run at least a month prior to you big day to make sure it’s the right kind of “glow.”
  5. Natural- You chose the beach as your wedding venue, so stick with the theme for your beach wedding make up. Too dramatic and your make up will look out of place. Choose neutral colors that match your skin tone. Your wedding day isn’t the time to try a drastically new look. 

You can talk to a knowledgable make up counter associate for specific advice on choosing make up that’s right for you. Just keep in mind, the more natural the better. Your beach wedding make up should look effortless. You can also click here for ideas on choosing the perfect beach wedding dress.