But it’s a three day weekend, right? Extra time off work without using up vacation days. Yes, you and the rest of America are all thinking the same thing. But guess where nearly everyone wants to go on Memorial Day? The beach. And for all the right reasons. That fickle, warm then cool again, leftover spring weather is gone. The water is warming up and refreshing. The grill is hot and ready. So the message isn’t to avoid the beach for the holiday. But unless you want to pay double the hotel rates and airfare, and share the beach with every other stress-free-seeking beach goer, avoid a Memorial Day Weekend Wedding. So go ahead and hit the waves, but save the vows for a better weekend. Read on to see why.

5 Reasons to Avoid a Memorial Day Weekend Wedding

Hotel Rates

While the “price gouging” line is fuzzy and grey, hotel rates seem to increase up to $50/night during Memorial Day Weekend. You do the math- that’s over $150 more for the weekend. Airbnb is a price flexible alternative, but book soon because the affordable, desirable places will get scooped up quick! 


Price for Memorial Day travelers is approximately $30-$40 more per ticket compared to prices on non-holiday weekends. And traveling during popular months like May, can often increase prices $100 or more per ticket in comparison to less popular travel month like September and October. 


Airports, beaches, restaurants, roads. All these Memorial Day Wedding Weekend spots will be experiencing a heavy increase in traffic. So if you love a big beach party, bring on the Memorial Day Wedding Weekend. But consider this your warning: Heavy Traffic Ahead! 


So not only are you paying more for your hotel and airfare, but your guests will be forced to as well. And often people have vacation traditions or book getaways planned around a year ahead of time knowing they have an extra day off work. So what seems like a convenient perk of the added day off, the added travel expenses may not be worth it. 

Wedding Planning Savings

If you are actually looking to save money instead of spend more, avoid the holiday weekends which are NEVER sale weekends in the wedding business. You can actually save money on these select dates


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