On the fence on whether or not a destination wedding is right for you? Thinking it may be out of your budget? Well put aside whatever you’ve been told before or doubts you have about destination weddings. We’re going to give you the facts and bust some popular destination wedding myths!

Top 3 Destination Wedding Myths Busted


Myth # 1:

Destination Weddings are too complicated to plan.


If you can book a flight and pack a suitcase, you can plan a destination beach wedding. With Your Clearwater Beach Wedding Company, we do EVERYTHING for you to ensure a seamless and beautiful beach wedding. We’re talking beach locations, set up/break down, officiant, photographer, it’s a one stop shop.  And things like what to do the week before the wedding, how to choose the perfect beach wedding dress, beach wedding make up, yeah, we’ve gotcha covered with all the best tips and tricks. 


Myth # 2:

Destination Weddings are too expensive.


The average cost of a traditional (non destination) wedding in America is $26,000. Wait, what? That figure should have you running for the hills, but wait, how about running for the beach? 😉 Your Clearwater Beach Weddings are coming in somewhere between $1,000-$2,000. Out the door wedding package price. Now if that’s not an affordable wedding price, then I don’t know what is. Now add in flight and hotel, dress, hair & make up to the budget. But you could still have roughly 5 beach weddings for the price of 1 “average, traditonal” wedding. Aaaaand, here’s another post on more ways to save money with a destination beach wedding


Myth # 3:

Destination Weddings are for elopements.

destination wedding myth


Ok, ok, you got us here. Kind of. Well, not really. 😉 While a destination wedding elopement is a beautifully intimate way to say “I do,” it’s not just for elopements. We offer wedding packages to accommodate up to 50 or more guests. And it’s not like you’re bringing your guests to Death Valley. We’re talking Clearwater Beach; a dream, beach vacation destination. 


There, there. Don’t you feel better now that you know a destination wedding is not as scary as it seems? Contact us to plan your dream destination wedding or find out the truth behind any other myths!